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Ken & Rhonda Steele Lead Pastors
Ken & Rhonda Steele
Lead Pastors

Pastor Ken and Rhonda have been married since February of 1999 and are enjoying every moment.  They both are born and raised in Kansas City,MO. Pastor Ken was called to preach May 1995, Pastor Ken & Rhonda were apart of a ministry for 22 years where they received their ordination license.  Pastor Ken went to school at Christ Unlimited Bible Institute for a Diploma in Bible Doctrine with a minor in youth ministry. He also went to Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary for a BA in Advance Ministry Leadership. Pastor Rhonda has spent a several years as Certified Nurse Aide, also was co-director of Women’s Ministry at Refresh Church KC. They both enjoy hanging out together and making each other laugh.  Together they have a beautifully family of three young adults, Danielle, Kendra, and Isaac. During their tenure at Refresh Church KS they served as Associate Pastor over varies areas of ministries. As Pastors of Lifestyle Church they see this as a new journey from God for them to build vibrant multi ethnic, multi generational, bridge building church here in the heart of Kansas City.